Special Roundup Feeder Sale Tuesday Oct 26 6pm

Special Dairy Sale Friday Nov 5 1pm


  • Sale Results Tuesday Oct 19 (click for details)

    1,725 steer and heifer calves sold, market softening some...

  • Next Tuesday Roundup Feeder Sale Oct 26 6pm

    850+ calves already consigned...

  • Special Dairy Sale Friday November 5 1pm

    Herd Reduction - Swan Falls Dairy Kuna, ID

    20,000# Active NDA base

    300 Fancy Hol Fresh/Dry 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Lact cows

    this is a terrific set of cows 81.5M 2x 3.92BF 3.42P 91,000SCC

    900 Fancy Hol hfrs - hutch calves thru springers


    45 Hol Jers F1 X close up springer hfrs - Heida Dairy - Kuna, ID

    250 Fancy Hol Dry cows coming 2nd & 3rd Lact - Cow Palace Granger, WA

    ...this sale will be conducted in conjunction with our regular Friday monthly dairy sale live thru the ring and via cattleusa.com video

  • Fall Roundup Sale Schedule

    You can find the dates and start times for our Roundup sales this fall under the Sales Calendar on this home page...

    We would encourage all calf consignors to do your best to get the 2nd vaccination pre weaning in your calves to make them the most attractive to buyers when selling them right off the cow this fall...call ahead to preconsign if possible and make all the vacc history available as well.

    Thanks, your marketing team at Toppenish


  • Mondays at Noon

    Weigh up cows/bulls, dairy and beef

  • Tuesday Evening Roundup Sale Schedule

    Special calf and yearling sales

    September 21 6pm

    October 5, 12, 19, 26 6pm

    November 2, 16 5pm

    December 14 5pm

  • Thursdays at 10:30am

    All classes of weigh up, stocker, feeder cattle

  • Friday - First of each month at 1pm

    All classes of dairy replacement cattle

  • Saturdays at 11am

    Cattle, horses, pigs, sheep, and goats

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