Dairy Herd Dispersal Tuesday June 6

Feeder Sale Thur June 15


  • Dairy Herd Dispersal Tuesday June 6

    Retirement herd dispersal for Viewpoint Dairy 11am June 6, 2023

    2000 Holstein milking/dry cows - 700 1st lact - 550 2nd lact - 420 3rd lact...

    82#M 3.75BF 3.6P 197,000SCC No Myco or Staph in the bluedot sample

    152,005# Active NDA base to be offered in lots of 2500# or more...

    This sale will be held in Toppenish via inhouse video and broadcast over cattleusa.com

  • Feeder Sale Thur June 15

    400 calves and yrlngs already consigned...

  • Sale results Thursday May 25

    1389 cattle sold

    897 slaughter cows/bulls sold, market $5-10 lower, Memorial Day rush is over and packers taking a breath...better cows $95-105, better bulls still $120-130

    the groups of 1200-1400# blk strs $165-175

    few sets of 500-650# blk str clvs $245-275

    the blk breeding bulls $1600-$2500


  • Mondays at Noon

    Weigh up cows/bulls, dairy and beef

  • Tuesday Evening Roundup Sale Schedule

    Special calf and yearling sales scheduled for Tuesday evenings this fall

  • Annual Bred cow sale

  • Thursdays at 10:30am

    All classes of weigh up, stocker, feeder cattle

  • Monthly Friday Dairy Sales are discontinued

    We will schedule the Dairy replacement hfr sales as needed...

  • Saturdays at 10:30am

    Cattle, horses, pigs, sheep, and goats

  • Sale Schedule

Toppenish Livestock

The Toppenish Livestock Commission has been in business for over 70 years. It is one of the largest livestock auction markets in the Pacific Northwest due to its central location among cattlemen, dairymen, and cattle feeders.